Astromechs FLL Team 25094

2019-20 Astromechs FLL 25094

We are the Astromechs FLL Team 25094.

The Astromechs are a community-based team of public schooled and home-schooled kids. While our club (of FLL and FTC teams) has been around for 14 years, most of us are rookies to FLL and even one of our coaches is a rookie!   So many kids wanted to join our club this year that we had to split into two teams.   We continued to meet half-time with our brother team, the NERDS (FLL 47838), throughout the season, in a spirit of Coopertition, learning together and competing together to make both teams better.  

We also have big sister/brother teams, the FTC Team 3409 (also the Astromechs) and FTC Team 5227 Galactech, who have helped us along the way, giving us feedback, helping us with programs and inspiring us for what we could do on other teams when we get older. Our favorite Core Value is fun.  We have fun making robots do things, maybe to solve missions or maybe just to make us laugh (one of our missions barks while it runs).  We also enjoy building crazy LEGO creations while waiting our turn to run a program on the robot.   We often play fun Core Values games (like turning over a blanket while the team stands on it) to help reinforce how we should strive to work together and help each other.  We also love the play tag outside on our breaks or at the end of practice.

We competed at the Lawrence High School FLL Qualifier on December 14, 2019. We finished third in the robot game and because we score well in all other categories, our team is advancing to the Kansas City Regional FLL Championships on Saturday, January 25 at HyVee Arena in Kansas City, MO.