The Bots

2021-22 Purse-R-verance


2019-20 Cygnus

2018-19 MARINA

This is our Rover Ruckus robot, Marina! With such a difficult and interesting challenge in 2019, our team was super excited to start developing and building. We spent a long time developing the main device on our robot, our sorting mechanism. A huge part of building Marina was experimentation and constant improvement. The bent Lexan box passively sorts silver and gold minerals, as our lead screw linear slide smoothly extends with ease. During endgame, our lead screw and t-hook combination allowed for our drive team to famously park in under 5 seconds. Our team marker was one of the things that remained constant on our robot throughout the season and was simply made out of cut glyph. Of course, we can’t forget the Astromechs Classic welded frame, which was completely CADed and welded by our team members! The majority of the frame is 1/2″ 16 gauge steel, MIG welded with precision. The welded frame also allowed our team to directly mount our drivetrain gearboxes, resulting in a very sturdy and reliable mecanum drivetrain. In the end, our robot was a very reliable crater side bot, with a cap of about 35 minerals per game.

2017-18 SCORPIUS

This is our Relic Recovery Bot, Scorpius! At the 2019 world champs, Scorpius won the Rockwell-collins innovate award, and was consistently a high scoring robot that had a 2 block auto and could complete a solo crypto box with 3rd stage relic. Our innovative diagonal outtake design lovingly dubbed the “turbo encabulaor”, was designed to auto-align glyphs

Welded frame, turbo encabulator, claw grabbed glyphs and flipped into turbo encabulator, auto-align using unique diagonal design, relic mechanism was astromechs first double powered life (in and out) our to level three in 1.5 seconds. The turbo encabulator started with a pop cycle stick model, to show 8 bar lift, first designed after car trunk 4 bar lift. solo crypto box w relic, consistent 2 block auto. the classic astromechs image detection for auto. First astromechs robot to shut itself off

2016-17 NOVA

Our 2016 robot nova, it was ranked #1 in our division at worlds and had a consistently perfect auto. It scored around 15 particles and consistently scored the cap ball. Welded frame, the main device for scoring used a very accurate catapult controlled by choo-shoot, a nickname for the catapult release mechanism. Our cap ball mechanism ws ased out of drawer slides, and was known for being very consistant. Nova is now our outreach bot, and is connected to an open source ai, mycroft.